Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Beastman Cometh... And other musings

Ever have one of those blogs that starts with the best of intentions then slips quietly into obscurity through a complete lack of care and attention? Yep, that's pretty much what happened to Halcyon Daze over the last year.

Anyway, my lack of blogging activity doesn't equate to a lack of hobby activity. Since my last post lots has been happening - I've enjoyed a good few Warhammer sessions with my gaming buddy Geoff,including a one-off game of Dreadfleetlast month which proved to be simple and fun - just what we needed after two games of Warhammer.

So where are we at now? Well, the intention is to make Warhammer Doubles at GWHQ our first foray into the tournament scene, with a combined Ogre kingdoms/Beastmen army. Geoff will be supplying a punchy/snooty ogre force, while my Beasts will hopefully bring the magical support, as well as some fast moving interference units. That's the plan, anyway. Armed with the Quartermaster app we've started throwing together some lists in a bid to supply a competitive (we're not expecting to pick up any accolades from our first trip to Warhammer World, but a respectable,embarrassment-free performance would be nice!).

So, with a time-sensitive goal set, it's time to get my shit together and get some models painted.

First things first, I needed a way to transport an army without having to resort to the usual multitude of tatty cardboard boxes I normally rely on (which also doubled as the permanent home of my models). I checked out a few stackable crate options online, but generally found them to be outside the price range I had in mind. Fortunately, a trip to Wilkinsons has provided a satisfactory solution:

A simple four drawer storage system that's just deep enough to hold the majority of my figs ( though standard bearers have to take a lie down, and I'll need to come up with an alternate solution for big gribblies...). In terms of transporting, I'll either take the whole unit, or I'll just remove the drawers I need. Should do the job. Eventually I'll put magnetic sheets in the bottom of each tray to give my figures a bit of stability. The main advantage of this purchase is that no longer do my minis (new, wip and completed alike) languish in a jumbled mess in an old shoebox! It's he next best thing to having a permanent display space (that's a plan for when I get a house big enough that I can claim a room for "Hobby Space"). For now, it'll do just fine.

Here's my freshly re-homed Beastmen, awaiting time on the painting table:

The rest of the drawers are currently claimed by Chaos Warriors, Night Goblins, and Bits and Bobs.

Finally, a better shot of the Beastman collection:

This is pretty much everything I have available to field(with the exception of a few Chaos Hounds), but the tournament army will only use a fraction of these models, plus one or two conversions and scratch builds. I'm currently nailing the colour scheme on some Ungor Raiders, then I can focus on just painting models that will make the final cut (possible last minute list changes notwithstanding!).

That'll do for now (I've gone on long enough!)- hopefully that's provided a taste of things to come, and heralded a new beginning for Halcyon Daze.

Til next time,


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